Online marketing

Success strategies

We design marketing strategies that truly harness all the possibilities the Internet has to offer. We contribute to your business’ online success, developing either full-scale campaigns or small promotion actions that maximize the returns on your advertising investment.
We choose the most interesting interfaces for your business’ promotion: search engines, directories, social media, blogs, specialized forums or online journals/magazines, etc.
We design the most adequate tools and formats: banners, video, interstitial ads, interactive designs, apps, Google AdWords, newsletters, and so on. We thoroughly implement your campaign by developing the necessary SEM actions, devising every element, negotiating with the media, and keeping tabs on your investment’s evolution and efficacy.
We encourage a response from your clients by sparking their curiosity and triggering their active participation.

  • Profile and situation analysis

    We analyze your company’s situation and perception on the Web, based not only on your corporate website, but also on the references we find on other websites or directories.
    Then, we map out your online presence.

  • Planning your Ad campaigns

    We establish targets for improvements through the Internet, by designing and planning effective campaigns that contribute to your success. We find the most appropriate strategies and media, making each investment profitable.

  • Result assessment and follow-up.

    We closely monitor your online marketing campaigns. Your success is our success, and we follow up on your site’s performance so you can achieve optimum results.

  • Social media

    We manage or advise you through your communication and marketing actions in social media, and develop attractive promotions for your customers.

  • Some sample projects: