SEO for websites

Be at your clients’ fingertips

We turn your website into a useful tool for reaching your goals. We put you ahead of your competitors in browser searches. We carefully develop your webpage’s design, structure, and code to get you to the top of your clients search results.
We analyze your activity and your competition, seek out your clients, and —once we’ve reached them— find out how they look for your products and services. Then we repeat their searches and situate you right where your client wants to find you.

  • Search engine results placement

    We analyze your webpage’s performance on search engines in order to know if it is evolving favorably.

  • Analysis of your competitors search hits

    We identify your main competitors’ placement in web search results, and test their strategies and their efficacy.

  • Identifying the target audience’s search habits.

    We get to your clients and study how they find their services or products when searching, and find out what words or phrases they use.

  • Defining keywords

    We spot the keywords that will lead you to a better performance in search results, which will let you stay close to your potential customers.
    We insert information on your website’s source code and create the right title, description and keyword for you.

  • Creating the content you need

    We create content for your webpage, always paying attention to the factors that’ll help you reach an optimum place in search hits.

  • Indexation-favoring techniques and technology

    We use the most suitable technologies and programming for enhancing your performance in search results. We keep up to date with the best techniques and use them to help you reach success.